NSPN 2400 Cohort

The 2400 cohort completed questionnaire measures, called home questionnaire packs (HQPs), at three time points. All participants completed the first questionnaire (HQP1) and were sent HQP2 approximately 1 year later. Those completing HQP2 were then sent HQP3 a further year later. Those who had not returned HQP2 or HQP3 were sent a final short ‘abridged’ questionnaire. If a participant completed the full and abridged version, then the larger dataset was used.

The main questionnaire pack was completed solely by the participant. There was also a separate sociodemographic questionnaire which was completed by participants aged 18+ or the parent or guardian of a participant under 18. The parents’ sociodemographic questionnaire also included the APQ, which all participants also completed as part of the main questionnaire pack. We therefore have both participants’ and parents’ APQ data for those under 18.

A random sample of the 2400 cohort were invited to an In Unit Assessment (IUA) (Figure 1B). All those completing IUA1 were invited to a follow-up at >12 month’s post-IUA. A small sample were also invited to a follow-up 6 months post-IUA1.