The Open NSPN Dataset

The Open NSPN Dataset includes the NSPN 2K Cohort, the NSPN U-Change Cognition Cohort and the NSPN U-Change MRI cohort.

NSPN 2K Cohort

The NSPN 2K Cohort was a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and University College London (UCL). It was designed as an accelerated longitudinal study to measure developmental change.

Data was collected at three time points from a general population sample of 2403 participants aged 14-24 from the London and Cambridgeshire areas. The participants were split into age/sex bins (14-15M, 14-15F, 16-17M, 16-17F, 18-19M, 18-19F, 20-21M, 20-21F, 22-24.99M and 22-24.99F) with the aim to collect equal numbers in each bin.

Each participant was sent a Home Questionnaire Pack (HQP) and Sociodemographic Questionnaire by post to fill out and return. The questionnaires included assessed the participant’s moods, wellbeing and demographic characteristics.

Participants were sent a Home Questionnaire Pack 2 (HQP2) and additional Sociodemographic Questionnaire one year after the participants filled out the first questionnaire. A total of 1836 participants filled out this second questionnaire

Participants were also sent a Home Questionnaire Pack 3 (HQP3) one year after they completed HQP2. A total of 1323 participants completed this third questionnaire.

Details for the initial dataset can be found here: The NSPN 2400 Cohort: a developmental sample supporting the Wellcome Trust NeuroScience in Psychiatry Network

NSPN U-Change

Participants from the NSPN 2K Cohort were invited to take part in further face to face assessments that included cognitive testing, clinical assessments and a measure of IQ. Some of these participants also completed MRI Imaging.

In total 785 participants from the NSPN 2K Cohort took part in these additional assessments, with 318 of these having had MRI Imaging.